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Long Creek
CWPP Meeting Notes
April 23, 2012

Long Creek
CWPP Meeting Notes
April 23, 2012

-Thinning work on FS lands is not getting done
especially concerned when next to private lands.

-Educate the community on wildfire issues.
-Identify water sources on private land. (CWPP Map)
-Dry hydrants can be very effective as water source
in the winter for structural protection.

-Long Creek City Fire utilizing the FIT devices.
These have been used extensively in Russia and some
on the east coast.
Can be very effective although shipping has become
a problem.

-Keep car windows closed during fire events or when away
forlong periods during summer embers can land on seats
and create fires.

-Identify helicopter dip sites in this area especially.
(and all over county place on CWPP Map)
-Improve springs in the area for water sources.
-Watershed values are important to protect from fire
-USFS is now hampered by laws on retardant use
essentially the only areas where it can be used is on
ridgetops that are away from water ways.

-Irene should talk to realtors and insurance agents regarding
structural protection from fire in WUI areas (without rural
fire protection).

-Rural and city fire trucks have problems responding to
structural fires during the winter when roads aren't
plowed or adequately plowed.

-Freezing issues with fire trucks in the winter time
tanks/valves, etc.

-Many bridges in the county can't support the weight
of fire trucks.

-Private timber holdings have been sold around the county
and then developed and agencies are not always aware
structures/homes that have been built in these areas.

-Is fire retardant wrapping material still used by FS?
-CWPP is critical for state conflagration act.
-Umatilla NF working on Landscape Wildfire Strategy
similar to the CWPP at the county level.
Currently working on assigning values to improvements.

-Ritter area becoming increasingly developed.Have asked
questions about getting fire equipment but
don't seem to have one individual that is leading the
process.(No community members from Ritter were at
the meeting.)

-City of Long Creek will assist on structure fires out of
town however, response may be slow.

-Recommend people have emergency numbers readily
available takes valuable time to find numbers during
an emergency.

-Long Creek backup water system is vulnerable to fire.
-North Fork John Day Watershed council is sponsoring program
for thinning in the Long Creek Watershed.

-Cell phone tower on Ritter Butte.
-Insects and disease on federal forest lands.
-Watershed enhancement projects associated with WUIs very desirable.

-Ask Grant County planning department to require Lats and
Longs on building permit applications.

-Ask Grant County to enforce planning requirements in
forestlands for roads, bridge, turnouts, etc.

-Detailed inventory of houses and improvements
Children? Propane tanks? Fuel tanks? etc.

-County GIS system would be extremely helpful.
-FS would like Hood River County Lands in northern Grant
County included in WUI

October is Fire Prevention Month! Grant County has a new Firewise Community on Canyon Creek Lane coming on line soon. Congratulations!
Grant County's other Firewise Communities are in the process of renewing their National Firewise Status. Canyon Creek Lane will make five Firewise Communities is Grant County.

Posted October 4, 2019.
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