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Upper Middle Fork
CWPP Community Meeting
April 28, 2012

-Grazing Land for Livestock
-Road Safety (for bicycles, motorcycles,etc)
-Bates Park (this was considered a value by
some and a detriment by others)
-Aspen and Tamarack (western larch)
-History of Area (old structures, Susanville,
Austin, Galena, Dunstan Ranch)
-Homes and Improvements

-Emergency services lack of coordination
between agencies during wildfires.

-Notify landowners of correct emergency
numbers to call when CWPP is revised.

-GPS homes on map and make available on web.

-Consider reverse 911 system in Grant County.
-Information not readily available in Grant county
Emergency services are handicapped because
information is not computerized and readily available.
Not available in Emergency service vehicles

-No communications during emergencies-
Who do you call?
Call 911 from Middle Fork area and dispatch thinks
it is Baker County.

-Agencies are not adequately informed where livestock/
people/etc. are during emergency (i.e. wildfire) events

-Intercommunication between agencies is non-existent
-Umatilla/Malheur/WW not communicating, citizens get
run around when calling during wildfire events to
determine what is going on.

-Uma/Mal/WW don't have correct or updated information
-Middle Fork residents will provide list of
names/numbers/locations in their zone.
Beth Upshaw will coordinate. Potluck list
create phone tree.

-What information do dispatchers need during wildfire?
Road numbers?
What are the correct terms to use?

-Need list of critical information for residents

-Prioritized list of hazardous fuels on Forest Service-
everywhere that borders private land
(and everywhere on FS!)

-FS wants information on where homes and cabins are

-This zone should extend from Hwy 7 to Hwy 395
-The lower Middle Fork should be a separate zone as well
-Field trip with FS to look at Rx burns
-Get information on local areas to lookouts

-Grant County Assessor's office need to build electronic
database with overlays like other counties have

-If database built with updated CWPP could it be
transferred to county assessor's tax base?

-FS/BLM don't always know where homes, etc. are
(tax assessor's office issue) lives, resources,
and money at stake.

-Develop water sources in Middle Fork area
-Identify locations of ponds and water sources
by GPS and put on overlay

-Clean out ponds in area

The Grant Harney Fire Prevention Coop is hosting a booth at the Health Fair on June 16.

Dayville and Laycock Creek Road area residents are interested in becoming Firewise Communities.

On May 1, 2016, a wildfire began southwest of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. On May 3, it swept through the community, forcing the largest wildfire evacuation in Alberta's history.After sweeping through Fort McMurray, the wildfire destroyed approximately 2,400 homes and buildings. Another 2,000 residents in three communities were displaced after their homes were declared unsafe for reoccupation due to contamination. Experts say a blizzard of embers caused Fort McMurray to burn.

Residents around Grant County are actively involved in learning about the national Firewise Communities USA program. For more information email Irene Jerome at or call 541.575.2210.
(posted June 4, 2017)
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