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Prairie City
CWPP Community Meeting

Notes from Public Input:

-Pine Creek area very vulnerable
House on upper end of drainage out
of rural and very vulnerable
Many places only one road in
Steep slopes

-Road Access Issues
Dead ends, no turnouts,no brushing, steep
road grades,no evacuation routes
Inadequate bridges
Locked gates

-Road closures on FS land

-Rit 5: hockey puck fire extinguisher
Good tool for county emergency services
personnel to carry

-Dixie Creek
Wind currents blow down creek
Many absentee landowners
Many problems with structures and
improvements not being 'firewise'

-Human Safety
-Prairie City water system
-Ranch Resources and improvements
Hay, livestock, fences, fuel tanks,
equipment, supplies

-Cell Tower
Have fuels been removed from around tower?

-Rural Fire Departments
Trouble recruiting volunteers
Aging population
Loss of population
Excessive training requirements and standards
from the state
Very helpful to pay rural firefighters
something for their time

-High fuel loads in areas that could burn and
affect communities

-WUI work: start near populations centers
and work outward

-Safeguard priorities: articulate
-Develop system to provide pumper trucks
for isolated or hard to reach areas,such
as upper Pine Creek
Put fires out while small
NEO had/has a program Partners
in Protection like this provided pumpers
program was generally successful

-Partnerships between private landowners
& agencies for Rx burns

- P Hill above town a huge fire hazard
-Wyden Amendment authorizes use of
dollars on private land

-Emphasize more cooperation between public
and private landowners

-Make whole county a WUII then prioritize areas

-NRCS will follow priority setting that
comes out of revised CWPP

-Increased # of cords on firewood permits
from FS very helpful

-Need roads for fire access
For ODF as well as FS

-Closed roads provide more opportunity for
illegal drugs/marijuana to be grown

-Develop/identify more/existing water sources
-Malheur Travel Management Plan
Prioritize roads for fire safety keep open
Keep roads on ridgetops open

May 5 is National Widlfire Preparedness Day! This is a great opportunity to do some spring "Firewise" work around your home.

Prairie City, Prairie City Rural Fire, and Grant County Firewise are sponsoring a "Spring Cleanup Day" in Prairie City on May 4 from 9 - 3. Curbside pickup for yard debris, recyclables, trash, and metal will be provided. For more info call Irene Jerome (541) 620-4466

Posted April 26, 2018
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